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Ask A Horary Question

Do you have an important question you would like answered? Horary astrology is an ancient classical form of Astrology that derives the answer to a question based on the planetary alignment at the moment in time that the question is officially asked. If you email your question I will use the time that I receive the email and understand the question. If you call me I will base the time on the moment the question is formulated. If you have a question and cannot email or call at the time your question is formulated, please note the time the question originated and include it in your email or phone call. Your personal birth information is not necessary to ask a Horary question.

The following are some important considerations for asking a Horary question:

  • The question is something for which you sincerely desire an answer
  • The question and answer are personally relevant to you
  • You have not previously asked another source the question
  • The question is as specific and concise as possible

You are invited to ask questions on any subject; the following are life event topics about which previous clients have asked:

  • Partnership
  • Career & Business
  • Moving
  • Purchase or Selling of Home
  • Health Related Concerns
  • Lost Objects

Submit Your Horary Question Below:

Your Name:
Email address:

Please be sure to provide a few sentences of detail so I can clearly understand your question.  Thank you!

Horary questions are typically answered by telephone.


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