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“Ring of Fire” Annular New Moon Solar Eclipse
Sunday, May 20, 4:46 p.m. PT
Zero Degrees – 20 Minutes of Gemini
Visible in South East Asia and the Western U.S.

Eclipses occur in pairs every six months with this “Ring of Fire” being the first Eclipse of 2012, the second of this pair occurs on June 4. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon travels between the Sun and the Earth and therefore casts its shadow blocking the view of the Sun from Earth. During an Annular Solar Eclipse the Moon’s shadow blocks out part of the Sun’s light creating a ring of fiery bright sunlight that will blaze around the Moon's circumference. In fact, “annulus” in Latin means “little ring.” At its peak, it will block out approximately 94 percent of the Sun’s light, and will last 5 minutes and 46 seconds with visibility in South East Asia as well as the Western U.S.

When a New Moon is highlighted by an Eclipse it acts in a particularly potent manner propelling us to embrace change. Eclipses work on three levels: personal, collective and ultimately, the integration of both. Where there is inner uncertainty, an Eclipse will encourage you to seek clarity. Whereby most Eclipses create a temporary shadow, this one will allow enough light to more easily unveil anything previously hidden. Therefore, pay close attention to the revelations occurring in your life during this Eclipse.

Astrologically, New Moons represent new beginnings, and this New Moon Eclipse falls in the versatile and mutable sign of duality—Gemini; where the focus is on youthfulness, flexibility and communications. This current Eclipse is also occurring under a challenging aspect with Neptune and Chiron in the sign of Pisces. What does that mean? With their purifying and healing energies, we can anticipate eventual clarity that will allow healing to occur. Additionally, this Eclipse is conjoined exactly with the fixed star Alcyone which symbolizes visions, mystical abilities and ruthless judgment. Why do I mention this? Because it relates to the powerful and overall theme of this Solar Eclipse in Gemini: remain flexible, communicate with mindfulness, use discernment, and seek clarity in all matters.

Disruptions in the Earth's magnetic field occur during Eclipses. Therefore, regardless of where an Eclipse is visible, its influence can be felt by all of Earth's inhabitants. Because this Eclipse occurs in Gemini, those with Gemini Suns or Gemini planets in their horoscopes will feel its affects more intensely. This first pair of Eclipses during 2012 is especially important because they will emphasize what our spiritual teachers remind us is occuring during this transformative year--a collective human awakening to “truth consciousness”.

The Mayan’s refer to this current transitional time on Earth as The Shift of the Ages. And, these upcoming Eclipses can be harbingers of ever greater transformation and change, as Eclipses often coincide with unexpected Earth events, stock market fluctuations and political upheavals. On a personal note, emotions can become intense if they’ve been denied or repressed. New and important experiences or people can suddenly come into your life, and simultaneously, others may be removed. One thing is certain, changes are prevalent during Eclipses so try to remain flexible and try not to judge anything that occurs as good or bad.

The Sun symbolizes creativity, wisdom, strength and outward expression. It is the energy that gives us the confidence to plan for our future. During a Solar Eclipse it is especially important to remember that you are a solar spiritual being destined to awaken to your inner light.

The energies of an Eclipse can be felt a couple of days before and after an Eclipse. The ancient sages believed that Eclipse were a time for meditation and learning; a special time to honor the spiritual aspects of your life. Try to keep your schedule light, remain internally focused, eat only pure foods, and do not consume alcohol. The veil between Earth and the heavens is thinner during an eclipse, allowing you to more easily connect to the eternal universal wisdom that is your divine essence.

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