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Auspicious Full Moon in Virgo
Healing Intentions for our Planet and Ourselves
Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 1:38 a.m. PDT

18 degrees and 13 minutes of Virgo

This month’s Full Moon will be especially potent as it conjoins retrograding Mars, while making a beautiful Grand Trine aspect with transformative Pluto in Capricorn and the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter in Taurus. As you may recall, Full Moons illuminate the areas of life that need adjusting in order to continue on your life journey. This auspicious Full Moon will support you by shedding light on the areas of your life that need conscious attention and action. 

Virgo’s infamous holy trinity–the integration of body, mind, and spirit, is emphasized under this lunation. Virgo is one of the Earth signs that holds a special affinity for all things related to our planet and her depiction honors the sacredness of Earth’s bounty as she lifts the wheat staff in her hand. For those of you who have been advocating against the GMO-Monsanto debacle, keep a watchful eye, as this Full Moon emphasizes purity—particularly the foods we eat.   

When Virgo, and or Pisces is emphasized in our horoscopes, or in the heavens as they are under this Full Moon, we will want to pay special attention to our bodies, thoughts and spirits. When any one of these areas is ignored, Virgo may initiate a crisis in order to get our attention. As you embrace your personal integration of body, mind, and spirit, you are contributing to the magnificent blossoming of the human species as it collectively awakens to its intricate connection to all life forms and the universal mind and spirit.

You may recall that earlier this month I wrote in the Pisces New Moon Astro-Gram that Pisces and Virgo are the two zodiac signs associated with healing. This Full Moon is occurring in opposition to the Sun in Pisces and the Sun will remain in Pisces through the 19th of March. Some of the health areas commonly associated with Virgo and Pisces are related to the intestines, nervous system, and the hands and feet. This Virgo-Pisces Full Moon is an auspicious time to focus your energy, prayers, and healing intentions towards your own personal life, and our entire planet.

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