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Left to right: Katarina Campagnola, Lee Lehman, Rob Hand and Linda Kaye.


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"It is often said that one does not choose Astrology, rather Astrology chooses you," and so it has been for me since my first Astrological consultation, which took place during my Saturn Return.  The Saturn Return is a very significant planetary transit that affects each of us around the age of thirty.  During this important period events in our lives can take on a somewhat preordained quality. From that moment forward I was determined to learn all I could and enthusiastically immersed myself in the learning of Astrology's ancient wisdom.  All my years of study eventually led me to my current work as an Astrological consultant and teacher.  For more than two decades I've had the good fortune to learn from many of today's leading Astrologers, including Jeffrey Green, Ingrid Naiman, Demetra George, Lee Lehman, Rob Hand and Dennis Harness.  In October of 2005 I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Astrological Studies from Kepler College.

I am continually in awe of Astrology’s ability to deepen one’s individual self-awareness while simultaneously offering practical guidance, emotional peace and spiritual healing.  I express my passion for Astrology with a wholehearted dedication to pass on this universal wisdom and healing to all who wish to better understand their life journey and personal destiny.

I currently teach Astrological workshops and classes while maintaining an Astrological practice in Sacramento, California. 

To contact me, please email info@lindakayeastrology.com

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